The Everyday Foodie was conceived over brunch on a cold winter day back in December of 2013, and by the following month the blog was officially launched. With a stack of pancakes and a cup of steaming hot coffee before me, the idea of starting a food blog was an exhilarating thought, but undertaking such a goal would be no easy task especially for someone with limited culinary experiences and minimal familiarity with the social media world. Hash tagging flew right over my head. Conceptualizing a full length blog post was daunting at the thought, but I knew it would be a challenge I just had to take on.  

With the help of a few trusted friends, ideas were formed and crystallized, and the food blog began to take shape. First and foremost I wanted this blog to be relatable to everyone, all food lovers from diverse backgrounds. In a market now saturated with food bloggers, I wanted to show people I’m just like them; an ordinary guy from Toronto with a love for good food and a penchant for taking pictures of it. I’m the classic case of eating first with your eyes. No matter the occasion, the camera eats first. Always.

After a few more bites of my food and sips of my coffee, the name came together. If I wanted this blog to be relatable to the masses, to cater to the average person walking down the street wondering where to grab a bite to eat, to someone who has never heard of the word "quinoa" before, or been on a juice cleanse, then this in my mind was the majority of the everyday people. We are “The Everyday Foodie.”

From food trucks and cafes, small diners to elegant eateries, this will be the place where you can journey with us to find inspiration for your next meal. From simple pictures to blog posts and restaurant reviews, don’t be surprised if you find yourself salivating at the deliciousness and decadence illuminating your very screen.

I must admit, there is no culinary background, degree in writing, or fancy camera used here; I’m just your Everyday Foodie.







A banker by day, you can often find Jacky struck by wanderlust with his most recent voyage having led him back-packing across Europe. Long road-trips are also never out of the question, having driven all the way west to Vancouver, east to Newfoundland, and down south to Florida. He is what many would call an “Early Adopter” as his love for gadgets and all things tech related is the primary cause of his depleting bank account. Prison Break and Chuck are two TV shows that will always be forever in his heart, and the Uncharted video game series along with The Last of Us is what reaffirms that Playstation is better than Xbox. As a diehard fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, he would like to witness at least one Stanley Cup victory in his life time.

Food Blogging Weapon of Choice: Canon Rebel T5i







As someone who has always seemed to comprehend the world of "quirky", Pedestrian Pat is not one to gravitate towards the conventional (unless it is really yummy, like carbs). Struck with absolute amusement, she relies on alliteration often. Her definition for "butter tart" would have no raisins in it. Ampersand is her favourite punctuation (the semicolon rivaling it for first). Potato chips are definitely her vice - though limiting it to potato would be unjust. Certainly, mayonnaise does not equate to aioli. Her penchant for geography and lettering is always a good source for her travels and inspiration. Welcome to her QUIRKDOM.

Food Blogging Weapon of Choice: iPhone 6









A photography wizard, Brian is a self-taught photographer who picked up his craft only a year ago after seeing a Black Friday sale on what is now one of his most prized possessions, his Sony Alpha Series. As a visual architect by night, if you see glowing lights anywhere, you can bet Brian is already there capturing that perfect bokehlicious shot like a moth to a flame. Think you can out drink him in any way, shape or form? Think again. His tolerance knows no bounds. Whiskey? Scotch? Vodka?  Yeah, game over for you. He is often seen travelling to a new city in what seems like every other month as an IT consultant, closing in on high profile clients and feeding his desire for adventure. He is also a proud uncle to his two nieces and nephew who he spoils rotten.

Food Blogging Weapon of Choice: Sony A6000






As The Everyday Foodie keeps growing, we are always looking for new food enthusiasts to join our team! If you would like to write for us, attend events, take pictures, or something else you think you could contribute, please let us know by using the form below or by simply sending us an email. We would love to hear from you! 

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