KFC Sweet Chili Crunch (Exclusive Preview)

Starting tomorrow Monday, October 20th, 2014, KFC Canada will be launching a bold new flavour to their fried chicken line up that will only be available for a limited time (it will be gone by November 23rd, 2014).

KFC gave me an exclusive preview and hand delivered me their new Sweet Chili Crunch to my home before it launched and I have got to say I definitely preferred the taste of this new flavour over their original recipe chicken. The sweet chili sauce on top of the fried chicken is sweet but with a touch of heat and the skin is crispier and crunchier more than ever (think Popeyes) which I love!

The Sweet Chili Crunch will launch all across Canada tomorrow where 3 pieces and fries will only cost you $5.99. Go out to your local KFC and try it before it’s too late!