Nota Bene - New 4 to 7 Menu

An upscale, fine dining restaurant offering food for $4? Now you don’t hear that statement everyday. However, Note Bene which was named Canada’s best new restaurant in 2009 by Toronto Life is doing just that by launching their new 4 to 7 menu meaning that from Monday to Friday between 4PM to 7PM, you can get bar snacks for only $4! 

Even with its affordability of just two toonies, don’t automatically think the food is cheap, because what you can get on this menu should by all accounts be priced higher. From what you will see below, Executive Chef David Lee has crafted bar snacks that are simple yet refined with touches of gourmet elements that will bring you back to the fine dining ambiance that Note Bene provides. 

Below are the 10 bar snacks that only cost $4 if you drop in between 4PM to 7PM on the weekdays, and then only $7 from 7PM till close. Please note that this menu is not offered on weekends. 

Cumbrae Farms Beef Sliders

Harvarti Cheese + Maple Bacon

Salt Cod Fritters

Kimchi Mayo

Truffle Popcorn


Burrata Pugliese

Grilled Miche, Olive Oil

Calamari A La Plancha

XO Sauce + Coriander

Calabrese Olives + Cheese

Rosemary + Garlic

Shoshito Peppers

Lemon + Maldon Salt

Porcini Arancini

Truffle Aioli + Parmigiano

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Smoked Oyster Mayonnaise

Belly Buster Slider

Pork Belly, Frites, Ketchup, Pickle

No meal is complete without some liquid gold.


Pares Balta - Penedes, Spain

Stella Artois

If you’re in the area after a long work day in downtown Toronto, definitely drop by for these bar snacks. What I would suggest is to come down with a friend and order the whole menu! Since it’s only $4 per dish, to have all 10 items you are only going to have to pay $40. I split the entire menu with my friend and in my opinion the portions are perfect for two people to enjoy. 

I just wanted to thank Nota Bene for inviting me down to try this menu out. It is extremely refreshing for a well established, fine dining restaurant in the city to still cater to the customers who are on a tighter budget, but still appreciate good food in an upscale, sleek, and contemporary setting. Now I’m just hoping this trend catches on and other restaurants start creating $4 menus. One can only hope right?