Recipe: Georgian Bay Vodka Smash

Summer is just around the corner and for many people that means a cocktail party is in order.  To get you on the right track this summer when picking out that perfect summer sipper to share with your friends and family, we have this remarkable cocktail recipe for you to try out.

This recipe features Canada's own small batch distillers "Georgian Bay Spirit Co." and its Georgian Bay Vodka. What make's this vodka special? The small-batch vodka is made using a unique combination of single malt and a corn-based vodka, blended with spring water from what has been described as the purest reservoir on earth in Ontario's township of Springwater.

Cool, crisp and bold like the landscape that inspires it, Georgian Bay Vodka tastes fresh and lively with subtle citrus notes in each sip. The purity of the spring water used lends to the vodka's characteristic smoothness. Remarkably balanced with a creamy, vanilla finish, the handcrafted spirit pairs exceptionally well with fresh air and long weekends.

The distinguished judges of this year's World Spirits Competition in San Francisco unanimously awarded Georgian Bay Vodka top marks in a blind taste test, and ultimately was chosen as Best Vodka, a β€œbest of the best” ruling determined in a final round of judging. As the prestigious winner of this elevated round, Georgian Bay Vodka represents the finest spirit in its class. 

To put this award winning vodka to good use, below you will find a simple recipe that will certainly be a crowd-pleaser.

Georgian Bay Vodka Smash


1 oz. Georgian Bay Vodka
1⁄2 oz. lemon juice
1⁄2 oz. lime juice
1⁄2 oz. St. Germaine
1 1⁄2 oz. pomegranate blueberry juice
12-15 blueberries (15 - 20 if using wild)
4-5 raspberries
6 or 7 mint leaves
Soda water


Add lemon juice, lime juice, blueberries, raspberries and 4 or 5 mint leaves to a cocktail shaker and muddle. Pour in St. Germaine, vodka and pomegranate blueberry juice. Add ice and stir. Strain into highball glass filled with ice. Top with 2 to 3 oz. of soda water. Garnish with remaining mint leaves.

Georgian Bay Vodka    |    $39.95    |    Available at the LCBO