Real Brewed Moments with Pure Leaf Tea

Lets be real. We all want a drink that is going to quench our thirst. A drink that does not only taste good, but is also healthy and nutritious. In order for this drink to be good for our bodies, it needs to have no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, and no added colours. A drink I can get behind is a drink made with real ingredients, and that is why I love Pure Leaf Tea so much. They are passionate about realness as their tea experts pick real tea leaves and real ingredients, that are purposefully crafted and carefully brewed, to deliver a genuine tea experience.

I'm here to celebrate real moments with Pure Leaf Tea because it's real brewed tea, made from real tea leaves, and the best way to celebrate these real moments is to just be yourself in your natural environments and state of mind. Drinking Pure Leaf Tea is nothing fancy for me because I've incorporated their teas into my daily life, and I'm here to share with you all some of my daily and weekly rituals I take on. Whether it's drinking their Unsweetened Lemon, Green Tea with Honey, or Peach flavour, I know it's going to be a good day whenever I can grab a bottle of any of their flavours and take it with me.

Here are just a few of my real moments with Pure Leaf Tea.

Netflix and Chill

There is nothing better than relaxing at home, watching one of my favourite shows on Netflix, and sipping on some Pure Leaf Tea. The goal here is to try not to drink it down too quickly because I want the bottle to last for the entire duration of the episode. It's a hard thing to do. Trust me.

Running Errands

It has been scorching hot lately in Toronto, so to beat the heat while I'm driving around town doing my errands I make sure I have a cold bottle of Pure Leaf Tea sitting snug in my cup holder beside me. Pro Tip: crank up the a/c in your car to keep it nice and cool for as long as possible.

Video Games (Seriously)

I've waited almost 5 years to play the next installment of my favourite video game series, and now that it's finally out I need some much needed energy while I'm glued to the couch and playing hours on end. It doesn't get any more real than that folks.