Fuel Foods

It's almost been four years since I've gone on this journey to become a food blogger/digital content creator, and what I've realized in doing so is this job comes with a blessing a curse. The blessing is I get to indulge in all of the incredibly delicious food on a weekly basis, and the curse is....I get to indulge in all of the incredibly delicious food on a weekly basis. One of the most common questions now I get asked all the time is "How are you still not fat?" A valid question because part of my job now is essentially eating things whether they are healthy or not. The notion of "It's For the Gram" is for better or worse part of my life now, and in coming to this realization over the past year I've learned to put my body and health first above all else.

It started with a total revamp of my lunch diet where portion control, salads, and fruits became the daily norm. Going to the gym consistently started do become a new lifestyle, and just being more mindful of what I'm putting in my body especially when I have control over it at home needs to be the new mentality. So of course when Fuel Foods reached out to me to try their nutritious meal options designed for people looking to live their best and most healthy life I was all on board. I need as much help as I can get!

Fuel Foods is a Toronto based company made up by Health, Wellness, and Nutrition professionals combining over 30 years experience, with an additional 20 years in the kitchen. They are a meal delivery service that understands the importance of readily-available, convenient nutrition that many of us working unfortunately just can't find the time or have the know-how on preparing meals that strike a healthy well-balanced lifestyle.


I tried one of their meal boxes that was delivered right to my door step which consisted of nutritious main entrees, breakfast items, snacks, and even a cold-pressed juice to help get my eating schedule on track for the next few days. One of my favourite parts of their delivery process was that you receive text messages the day of the delivery that notifies you around what time you should be receiving your package. My text message said it would arrive in about 17 minutes and so it did!

Upon opening up the box, all the meals and snacks are well-portioned to ensure you are not over-eating, but still gaining all the nutrients one requires per day. Each meal is very clearly labelled on the front for complete transparency into how many calories, protein, carbs, and fat are in each meal/snack. For the main entrees it also explicitly states the exact date the food was cooked, and in my case it was cooked for me on Sunday and delivered on Sunday. Definetly made fresh to order!

Below you will find exactly what my meal box consisted of.


Thai Green Curry Thighs


Middle Eastern Ground Beef


AAA Sirloin with Pesto Barley


Gremolata Whitefish


Protein Pancake Roll


Bliss Bowl


Chocolate Coconut Protein Bites


Date Blueberry Protein Muffin


Protein Cookie




Having all these meals cooked, pre-portioned, and ready-to-eat saved me so much time after work each day which allowed me to do other things I enjoy. Not having to worry or think about what to make for my next meal was amazing, especially with the added bonus in knowing that what I was consuming through Fuel Foods was healthy and good for my body. If you struggle like me to strike a healthy lifestyle balance, I would highly encourage you all to give Fuel Foods a shot and let them help us reach our dietary and fitness goals in our daily routines. We only have one body so lets take care of it and make sure we fuel it up the right way.