Shawarma Frenzy - A Hidden Gem on the Danforth (Special Discounted Offer)

One of the most satisfying things a food blogger can do is supporting local businesses and restaurants that you feel passionate about, but may not be that well known yet to the general public. I've recently stumbled upon literally a hidden gem in this city that serves one of the best shawarma platters I have ever eaten, and I just couldn't pass up the chance to share it with you all here!

The restaurant is called Shawarma Frenzy and is located on the Danforth (1011 Pape Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M4K 3V7. Being surrounded by Greek restaurants left and right, Shawarma Frenzy really leaves a mark on the neighbourhood by serving up authentic and incredibly delicious Middle Eastern food all for a very affordable price. 

When I first walked into the restaurant my first impression was just how clean the place was. Not a speck of dust to be seen! It's a small but very cozy restaurant with many potted plants lined up at the front to really give you a relaxing environment to eat in. There are also two big screen TVs hung up on the wall to provide you with some entertainment while you eat and unwind. My absolute go-to dish here is their "Small Shawarma Platter." The portion size is very generous for only being a small, and on an empty stomach you will be sure to leave with a full belly.

The meats here are well seasoned and they give very generous portions. The platters are served with a side of salad and what I love about the salad here is it's comprised of mixed greens instead of your generic iceberg lettuce you come to find at other places. Their pickled vegetables are perfectly sliced and has the perfect balance of sourness and sweetness that I love. Other suggestions of things to get here are their shawarma wraps, lentil soup, and falafels.

If you are ever in this area I highly, highly recommend coming to Shawarma Frenzy. You are going to get absolutely the best service, the best food, and most of all the best price you will find anywhere.

As a special offer, I would love for you all to give their signature "Small Shawarma Platter" a try and really experience first hand just how good the food is here. As loyal readers to The Everyday Foodie, I want to share with you this hidden gem and give each of you a chance to try this dish at a discounted price of only $5.99! To obtain this deal all you have to do is email to claim it. Limited quantities available as only the first 50 people to email in will receive this special discount, so make sure you redeem this fast before it's all gone! This restaurant is definitely The Everyday Foodie approved!