& Company Resto Bar - New Menu Tasting

When a new menu gets curated for a restaurant, a new crop of hungry restaurant goers usually comes along with it. I was fortunate enough to be included in this new crop and got invited to try the new dishes out at &Company Resto Bar in Mississauga situated near the largest shopping mall in Ontario, Square One. &Company Resto Bar was established back in December of 2011 and has become a go-to destination in Mississauga. The full experience starts with an evening of dinner with friends and transitions into nightlife at 10pm where cocktails, a DJ, a dance floor, and a bouncer at the door is all to be expected. Everything from their menu to their nightlife events is meant to bring people together so it is fitting that their slogan is “Life’s Better When You’re In Good Company.

This new menu was entirely created by their new Executive Chef Ron Stratton who was recently hired just this past November. He has over 20 years experience working in kitchens and fine dining restaurants all over Canada. The menu centres around “fine familiar” cuisine, showcasing a distinctly elevated take on some very familiar dishes. 

My friend and I were led to our tables and we started off with a glass of red and white wine. If you’re hoping to catch a live sporting game while you eat, &Company Resto Bar has that covered with the many televisions installed all over the restaurant. As their name suggests, it has a great mix of a sheek and upscale restaurant combined with the laid back vibe of a bar. 

We eventually looked over their menu and picked our two appetizers, two mains, and one dessert to try. Check it out. 

Crispy Thai Calamari

Flash-fried calamari with pickled vegetable salad and green curry coconut veloute. Cost - $15.00

Duck Confit Poutine

Hand-cut Russet chips topped with Brome Lake duck leg confit, marinated curds, tarragon gravy and onion crisps. Cost - $18.00

Hickory Smoked Burger

8 oz. AAA beef patty stuffed with hickory smoked mozzarella, topped with crisp bacon, sunny side egg, rustic tomato ketchup, and lemon aioli, “Fred’s” brioche bun with a side of root chips and signature dip. Cost - $27.00


In-house dry aged 10 oz. steak with Ontario goat cheese scalloped potatoes, ratatouille vegetables and veal jus. Cost - $36.00

Lime & Meringue Tart

Lime curd with milk chocolate ganache and flure de sel meringue. Cost - $14.00

As a foodie who grew up watching Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef, one of his signature dishes that he makes and talks about on his TV show is a beef/salmon wellington. I have always been so intrigued with this dish as it incorporates puff pastry that is wrapped around the beef or salmon and then baked. It is something I’ve always wanted to try and the good news here is that on this new menu, Salmon Wellington is on it! Unfortunately for me that night it was already sold out by the time I arrived, but since I’ve been searching high and low for this at a restaurant I’ll definitely be back just to try that.

The presentation of each dish was just spot on as the dishes almost looked too beautiful to eat. My favourite dishes I had from that night were the Crispy Thai Calamari (I’m a sucker for coconut), the Hickory Smoked Burger (the patty was so juicy and tender which was also elevated by the sunny side egg), and the Lime & Meringue Tart (holy presentation batman, the dessert is just stunning). 

If you ever find yourself having worked up an appetite shopping across the street at Square One, head on over here to &Company Resto Bar to refuel with your closest friends and family. The food, service, and ambiance is second to none and of course the company you bring along is even better because as we all now know, Life’s Better When You’re In Good Company. I couldn’t agree with that more. 

Special Thanks

&Company Resto Bar

Basel Kawar