Turn Up the Heat: Lunch and Learn Fiesta at Los Colibris

Most of my experience and knowledge with Mexican food is through Taco Bell. Wait, is that really Mexican food? Probably not. I’ve never been to Mexico before, nor have I taken part in a fiesta with a live Mariachi band so when the opportunity came up to do most of that (I say most because unfortunately I was not flown to Mexico for this…hahh) I knew I had to be a part of this! 

This private event was being hosted by the The Mexican Beef Exporters Association at Toronto’s first fine dining Mexican restaurant, Los Colibris in downtown Toronto. Executive Chef Elia Herrera provided some live cooking demonstrations of her signature dishes using the star ingredient, all natural Mexican beef, and shortly after the “learning” part of the event, lunch soon followed. 

The Mexican Exporter’s Association literally flown here from Mexico to take part in this event and I had the privilege of sitting with two representatives from Mexico City at my table throughout the lunch. The learning part of this fiesta was not just about the cooking though. A quick power point presentation was done by a few individuals from the Association that shared a lot of insight of the beef industry in Mexico. 

A lot of people don’t know that Mexico is actually one of the leading exporters of the highest quality beef in the world. Mexican beef utilizes a feedlot system, based on diets monitored by nutritionists that specialize in animal feeding. The Mexican Beef Exporters Association uses grains that provide special flavour to the beef guaranteeing that great Mexican beef flavour.

The production process is guaranteed by the highest standards of quality in operation and hygiene. Veterinarians from each country they export to endorse the Mexican meat quality. According to the World Organization for Animal Health and Mexican Authority: Mexico has never had any cases of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) or “Mad Cow Disease” and also has never had any cases of Foot and Mouth Disease. 

Spotted: Anthony Farnell - Weatherman of Global News at the table beside me

With the knowledge that came with this event, a 3 course meal was prepared, and as stated before a live Mariachi band was serenading all the guests while we ate. It was such a pleasant atmosphere to be in and the live music really created an incredible ambiance that transported your mind and taste buds to Mexico. 

No food event is complete without some alcohol. Am i right? To compliment the 3 course meal, we were all given the Los Colibri’s cocktail, “Rosa de Maria.” 

Cazadores blanco tequila, benedictine, pineapple juice, lime juice, lagavulin mist, rosemary sprig

First Course

House Guacamole with Beef Strip-loin and House Made Chips

Second Course

Carne Apache de Tenderloin con Ciruela pass y Chipotle (Thin Slices of Beef Tenderloin with Prunes and Chipotle)

Third Course

Ribeye with Basil and Jalepeno Oil and Papas Bravas

Food events where you eat is great. Food events where you eat and learn is even better. Whether it is for a summer BBQ or a traditional family dinner, Mexican beef is always now going to be on my radar at my local supermarket. I’ve had it first hand and now I’m a convert. #ilovemexicanbeef