Calling all Toronto foodies! Do you like good food? How about good food while dining out at some of your favourite local restaurants? Or how about getting an incentive to try out new restaurants that you may not have heard or tasted before? Do you also like to save money? How about saving lots and lots of money, maybe somewhere in the region of $400? If you said yes to all or even some of that, this product the โ€œEpicurious Toronto Dining Deckโ€ is for you!

For only $20 you get access to save $400 spread over 40 restaurants across this great city! Some of these restaurants include city hot spots like Mildredโ€™s Temple KitchenParts & LabourGeraldineEast Thirty-Six, and Cheesewerks, just to name a few. A full list of restaurants can be found here

How To Use:

1. Pick a card

2. Spend $25 or more (before tax and gratuities) at that restaurant

3. Receive $10 off your final bill

This deck literally pays for itself just after two uses. I canโ€™t believe this product hasnโ€™t blown up yet, but Iโ€™m sure it will very soon. If you are not a foodie yourself, this is a perfect gift to give to someone that is. Or better yet, give this as a gift to a person who you know will bring you out to dine at all of these restaurants. I got all your bases covered on this! 

Along with the 40 โ€œcouponsโ€ you get in this $20 dining deck, you also receive 10 Food Tour Cards that give you a discount to various food tours organized by Culinary Adventure Co

Also conveniently enough, on each card has a description of the restaurant and its cuisine, their address, phone number, website, their social media accounts, and also if they serve lunch/brunch, dinner, or both. 

If $20 is out of your budget or if you think visiting 40 restaurants is too much, the $10 Mini Deck has also just been launched recently. For only $10, you will get 10 restaurant cards and one tour card all randomly selected from the standard deck. 

If you do not live in Toronto or frequent Toronto restaurants, these same great deals are coming to other cities across Ontario as well including Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Burlington, and Barrie. Visit here and enter your email address to subscribe for updates until it launches! 

Please note that these restaurant cards all expire at the end of the year so it is best to buy it as soon as possible to give yourself the most time to enjoy all the restaurant possibilities. 

Click here to place your order now for the Epicurious Toronto Standard $20 Dining Deck or the $10 Mini Deck!