Tea of the People - Organic Barrel Aged Tea

Ever since moving out on my own I have developed a strange addiction with teas, so at my house right now I probably have over $100 worth of different tea flavours from various companies. Even at work I have a large box of teas that I drink daily. The second I arrive at my desk I make sure that I have a hot cup of tea ready to carry me through the day. With all the tea that I consume, I thought I knew it all, but with thanks to Joshua Caplan, Founder & Chief Activist Officer of Tea of the People, he introduced me to his own tea company and its one of a kind organic barrel aged tea. 

Tea of the People is a Toronto-based loose-leaf tea company that is on a mission to drive the tea space in a healthier, more socially conscious direction. In a tea market where options are almost endless, thereโ€™s a unique opportunity to elevate both the quality and authenticity of tea. This is where Tea of the People come in as they have proudly developed Canadaโ€™s first barrel aged organic tea! 

The barrel aging process consists of hand-blending organic, single estate tea, fruits, herbs and spices together and placing the blend into charred white oak wood barrels to age in a wine cellar for 3-5 months. The result is a rich, complex tea with a hint of oak unlike any other. 

However, I think the most distinguishable part of Tea of the People from all the other tea companies out there is how they are trying to do some good in this world, to make a change and a difference in peopleโ€™s lives. Tea of the People is about Joshuaโ€™s mission to demonstrate that business can be used as a tool for good. Each month Tea of the People donates 5% of its profits to a new entrepreneur or non-profit that is leveraging scalable technologies with regard to solving issues in poverty alleviation, education, public health and climate change. Notably, through Watsi, a healthcare crowd-funding platform, Tea of the People funded a 12 year-old girlโ€™s ear surgery. Paid for with a portion of their profits, Chantha, a sweet heart of a kid from Cambodia, will keep her ability to hear. Now this is the kind of company I can get behind! 

Below are two of the teas I was very excited to try. They both have a very earthy taste to them thanks to its organic ingredients and its barrel aging process. The ingredients used are of the utmost quality resulting in a refined cup of tea every time you drink it. 

1) Organic Barrel Aged Madagascar Cocoa x Mint Rooibos

2) Organic Barrel Aged Silk Road Chai


Tea of the People has now been picked up by Loblaws at select Ontario locations (click here to find out which Loblaws location is closest to you). If you are not in Ontario or close to a Loblaws to pick these teas up, please visit their website to place your order as they currently have 8 different offerings right now for you to choose from. 

I would like to invite you all to come join this tea revolution where their innovative teas are always made with a higher purpose: to make the world a better place. When you drink Tea of the People - you empower the people! Get yours today!